Karno Energy BIM is much more than a gimmick or passing hype in the construction world. BIM requires a whole new way of working. From your own organization, but also from all the partners in the network. The construction chain is only as strong as its weakest link. 

Creating with openBIM IFC is a must for construction supplier https://karnoenergy.com/bim-structural-services/. Karno Energy supplies warehouses, facades and roofs, among other things. More than 75% of the roofs and facades are “log”. This results in a serious reduction of errors and significantly lower failure costs, a more optimized production process and shorter construction times. These short construction times make the supplier a sought-after partner in network partnerships and innovative housing concepts. In addition, Karno Energy is involved earlier in the construction process, so creative and solution-oriented thinking can be used. This provides additional value to the client and the user.

Achieving results with BIM required deep embedding into the organization. A pilot installation with workstation screens on a single production lane was recently completed successfully in the production floor. All information, internal and external, is exchanged only digitally and, if possible, in multidimensional format. Road drawings, planning boards, orders and packing lists, checklists, memos, lists of work in progress. The pilot began with instructions and manuals. The employees involved immediately caught on and indicated after a few days of production that they didn’t need anything else. The successful pilot gave Karno Energy enough reason to scale up to full production lines for facades, roofs, and storage areas to achieve even greater efficiencies.

Your own BIM process led by Karno Energy

Karno Energy has its own BIM center of expertise. Experts are actively involved in all BIM projects that Karno Energy performs for clients. However, the services are provided more broadly: Karno Energy also assists clients and network partners in developing their own BIM vision . These consulting services are completely separate from the projects that Karno Energy performs.

A selection of consulting services from Karno Energy:

  • We are here for you to customize your BIM protocol, put together comprehensive BIM planning, and oversee improvement sessions and BIM management meetings.
  • We assess and test the quality of BIM models, BIM protocols, BIM implementation plans, and information delivery specifications and support you in doing so.
  • We support you in setting up your own BIM process.
  • We advise you individually, independently and with extensive hands-on experience about the changes that working in accordance with your organization’s BIM process entails.
  • At the organizational level, we analyze the desired level and capabilities of BIM, position BIM in your organization and structure the management of BIM information.

Karno Energy: All the expertise at your fingertips

While every organization has its own specifics, there are a few common denominators for BIM implementation:

  • The benefits of working in compliance with BIM are best measured and most visible when the process begins with your entire organization in mind. Therefore, your organizational culture and business processes are important.
  • The first steps of implementation consist of creating a vision, setting BIM goals, defining a strategy, and creating support.
  • Creating an action plan and organizing classes to increase the level of knowledge in your organization are also important components.
  • Organizations that have internal problems regarding optimal management (building) can no longer ignore the integrated and digital way of working. Working in accordance with BIM is efficient, effective and future-oriented. Karno Energy is ready to provide you with analysis, advice, implementation and deployment.